“Of all the colleagues I’ve had the pleasure of working with, none is more attentive, dedicated and undemanding as Rachael. Not only is she extraordinarily astute in understanding the demands and nuances of a particular campaign but she always displays the utmost efficiency in delivering the right message, on time, within budget and surpasses her own ambitious targets – every time.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rachael and her social media management skills to any company – particularly those operating within the North West of England and  the creative arts. This is not to say Rachael’s talents and scope are restricted to those areas, as she has proven that she can flourish with any brief I’ve given her. With only a week’s notice she produced extraordinary results for a Surrey based Polo event www.tribute-rally.com as she managed to heighten the profile resulting in a Guinness World Record title for the most Pininafrina designed cars in one place. Rachael’s strategy and infrastructure garnered more hits and followers than all the rest of the team combined. Future Perfect – Manchester’s biggest Open Air “versus Cancer” Festival attracted 2000 attendees in it’s initial year, and again Rachael’s name was the first one I contacted. With the development of “SIN – Strength In  Numbers” a virtual and real life support network for the creative industries, Rachael spearheaded the drive to attract like minded people generating over 1500 interested entities in a matter of weeks creating her usual foundations for us to develop and build upon.

Rachael’s perception and ability to get into the heads of those we are targeting ensures a quality of response to add to the ever-growing quantity of contacts and responders to each and every media campaign we’ve worked on together. Her community spirit never fails to win over those who realise that whilst she is a giver and receiver of information, and in this exploitative age, she shines with her purity of spirit by never compromising to be a taker. A socially conscious diamond in the dark coal bunker of business. A pleasure to know her.

This reference is not the kind that I normally write, and I am more than happy to reply personally to every one who requires a response. I’m inspired to go “the extra mile” because Rachael deserves it, and if any potential employer is going to take her away from some work I may be sending her – I want to make sure they know it too!”
~ Clive Leighton, C.E.O. Public i.


“Rachael has worked with me on many projects. She provided written copy for the bar events and disseminated it via print media and social media, and also helped forge links with local radio, including North Manchester FM and Chorlton FM. Her well constructed press releases contributed to a net customer increase for many events, both entertainment and restaurant-based. I would highly recommend her skills; both interpersonal and in all mediums of communication: written and verbal. Her skill at targeting specific markets and tailoring her output to their tastes and requirements was highly useful to our business.

On a personal level, she is also a warm and lovely person, with a keen sense of what needs to be done in a business environment, even helping improve staff relations and suggesting changes; some of which were taken on board in the improvement of the business.” ~ Charlie Allen, (former Entertainments Manager – Iguana Bar).


“I have been a client of Rachael Magowan’s for some considerable time in which her writing and promotional services for my business have been exceptional from the beginning. She has put out the right information and delivered it to the right people, who have responded at all times. Her strength is in organising and getting in touch with various professional media people. She is a very proactive person who has worked very hard to deliver the right information about our business through social media, radio and newspapers, and has a great knowledge about a wide range of subjects. She communicates with the client at all times. Her timing and presentation of information has been outstanding.”

Pascal Paschalis, MD, Iguana Bar.


“To get your story out to the press you need vivid, sparkling, evocative writing that shoots out to those tired hacks’ eyes and holds them spellbound: You need Rachael Magowan. Proof? This international story got written from her press release. The newspaper simply cut and pasted it whole for their readers to feast on. Need I say any more?” ~ Nick Homes, CEO, mi cloud.