Freelance Photographer in Manchester

NEWS: There is currently an exhibition of Rachael Magowan’s photographic work at The World Peace Café in the Vairochana Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Chorlton, South Manchester. The installation titled ‘Love, Peace and Petals,’ features 19 images from the natural world and from the arena of the performing arts, which are selected to reflect inspiration taken from nature as well as the joy of creativity. The exhibition was launched as part of the Chorlton Arts Festival events for the centre, and is a long-term installation. Further examples of Rachael’s work can also be publicly viewed at The Bar, Chorlton, where several portraits produced in partnership with Manchester digital artist Peter Topping are on permanent display throughout the venue.

Rowan Creative’s photographer, Rachael Magowan, has a long history in providing commercial photography images, with areas of speciality being event documentation, live music, food photography, film set work and fine art. Whether you need shots of live performances, products, festivals, special occasions, or beautiful photographic prints and greeting cards featuring scenes from the natural world, you can be confident that you are engaging the services of a provider with more than 20 years’ experience. Recent clients include McCarthy and Stone (Cosgrove Hall Court), The University of Manchester, Sweeney Entertainments, Chorlton Arts Radio, Didsbury Arts Festival, Edge Recording Studio, The Art of Meze, Iguana Bar, Stolen from a Crow, and the Vairochana Kadampa Buddhist Centre.

Retail outlets for Rachael’s fine art photography work include The World Peace Café, Chorlton Bookshop, Hulme Community Garden Centre, and The Post Box Chorlton. She also exhibits her work throughout Manchester, with the most recent installation being a showcase of landscapes and natural history work which featured in the Chorlton Arts Festival.

You can hire Rachael specifically for photography, or have her photographic work included as part of Rowan Creative’s social media promotion services. Having a professional photographer under the Rowan Creative umbrella means that should you engage the company’s social media services and choose the option of bespoke content creation, you can be confident that the visual aspect of your Facebook page or Twitter profile will be visually striking and completely unique. For further examples of Rachael’s portfolio please visit

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