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Harnessing the power of social networking sites is a highly effective way of promoting businesses, projects and events, and if you have decided that the time is right for you to take advantage of these online resources, it makes sense to hire a company with an advanced understanding and experience of new media, as well as proven creative and communication skills.

The explosion in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has resulted in many businesses and individuals becoming worried as they realise that traditional methods of advertising and promotion are suddenly out-dated and failing fast. With huge swathes of the population turning to social networking as their primary form of communication, it’s vital that businesses have a Social Media presence. Many businesses believe that they can conduct their own social media campaign, but quickly find, after creating a business Facebook page or company Twitter account, that it is a difficult and time-consuming process to create regular updates which build a following and engage subscribers. Most organisations don’t have the time, expertise or staff to effectively utilise this vitally important emerging industry. This is where Rowan Creative comes in.

Having spotted the promotional potential in new media at its outset, Rowan Creative’s first venture into managing social networking profiles was in 2008, starting with the Myspace profile for an independent record label, and then branching out to take on Myspace and Facebook accounts for music venues and live entertainment nights in Manchester. This has resulted in the acquisition of a considerable amount of skills, experience and contacts to draw upon.

A unique selling point of the company is the ability to provide premium quality original content for the profiles in the form of text copy and promotional photography, in addition to a sound track record in communication and new media skills. The availability of three levels of tailor-made integrated creative services is something few social media management and content marketing companies are currently offering. The qualifications, skill set and strong background in promotional writing and commercial photography held by Rowan Creative place the company in a unique position to not only manage your social media presence, but to offer you professional quality bespoke profile content as well.

The company brings three main areas of expertise to social media profiles for business:

Rowan Creative can author the text content of your social media profile from scratch, or provide a fast and accurate proofreading or copy editing service to optimise existing promotional literature.

Rowan Creative can either share the management of your profile with you, or assume full responsibility for your social media profile; creating and posting regular status updates on your behalf and interacting with your subscribers.

Drawing upon a long and respected career in the field of independent professional photography, Rowan Creative can bring high quality images to your social media profiles. Whether your need is event documentation, product shots or fine art, you can be confident that your profile will have images that match the text content of your account for quality and professionalism.


With over twenty years’ experience in a wide range of research, broadcasting and press and media work, Rowan Creative can provide a professional service for your venture: supplying promotional text, images, and management of your social media accounts. There are different options and service plans available to meet every need:

* Consultation and advice on how you can run your own profile.
* Sharing administration of your social media account.
* Assuming full responsibility for the management of your social media presence.
This usually includes creating a social media account, supplying all the text and image content, posting regular status updates on your  behalf, answering correspondence via the profile, and responding to all enquiries from your followers.

You just choose which level of service best suits your requirements.

Recent clients include: Sergio Pininfarina Tribute Rally (Ferrari world record attempt), Public-i Creative Network, Chorlton Traders Association, Inner Changes Psychotherapy Harley Street, Art of Meze Restaurant, Iguana Bar, Dulcimer Bar.

Please get in touch today to find out how Rowan Creative can help elevate public awareness of your venture and give you the positive professional profile you deserve.