ROWAN CREATIVE®: Copywriting, Social Media, Photography

In today’s uncertain economic climate, it’s vitally important to maximise your potential and stand out from the competition. If you run your own business, or have a product or service to promote, you must have the best public profile possible. For this you need to pay very special attention to how your venture is represented. Areas you need to concentrate on include:

  • Online presence (web site, social media output, directory listings)
  • Promotional literature (print media: brochures, leaflets, press releases, etc.)
  • Visual image (graphic design and photographs)

Rowan Creative draws upon more than 20 years’ experience in order to provide services in three main areas:

Copywriting/editing and proofreading
Social Media Management

Rowan Creative’s client base is diverse, and includes work in the following industries:

Broadcasting / Scientific Publishing / Civil Engineering / Charity and Not-for-Profit / Education / Health / Medical Research / Film and Music Production / Live Entertainment / Festivals / Housing / Trade Associations / Hospitality 

Services are custom-created to the specifications of each individual project. So whether it’s razor sharp website copy you need; the professional administration of your venture’s social media accounts, or stunning commercial photography, you can be sure that Rowan Creative can meet your needs.

Please visit the Services area of this site to find out how Rowan Creative can optimise your text, visuals and your social media presence in order to raise your profile and give you the streamlined professional image you deserve.


“Rachael has worked with me on many projects. She provided written copy and promotional photos for the bar events and disseminated them via print media and social media, and also helped forge links with local radio, including North Manchester FM and Chorlton FM. Her well-constructed press releases contributed to a net customer increase for many events, both entertainment and restaurant-based. I would highly recommend her skills; both interpersonal and in all mediums of communication: written and verbal. Her skill at targeting specific markets and tailoring her output to their tastes and requirements was highly useful to our business.”- Charlie Allen, Entertainments Manager – Iguana Bar.

“I have used Rachael Magowan’s photography services on two separate occasions to capture stills at film set locations, and was continually impressed by her dedication, enthusiasm and attention to creative detail. Rachael is very personable and demonstrates a high level of professionalism in all aspects of the excellent service that she provides.” - Paul Turley, TV Producer/ Broadcast Journalist.

“Of all the colleagues I’ve had the pleasure of working with, none is more attentive, dedicated and undemanding as Rachael. Not only is she extraordinarily astute in understanding the demands and nuances of a particular campaign but she always displays the utmost efficiency in delivering the right message, on time, within budget and surpasses her own ambitious targets – every time.” - Clive Leighton, CEO, Public-i Network / Entertainments Manager at The Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch, London.

“Rachael is a gifted writer, that’s for sure, but she’s so much more than that. Rachael has a great ability to interpret the messages and turn them into clear, comprehensive writing. She’s a pleasure to work. With Rachael on your team you can be confident that your message will have the greatest impact on your target market and that you are always leading the way with new and dynamic content that appeals to a wide range of people in different industries and sectors.  – Giles Ranyell, Head of Marketing, Bright Cloud Group.

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**Please note that the business Rowan Creative® and its legally registered trademark are wholly owned by Rachael Magowan, trading as ‘Rowan Creative.’ Trademark infringements will be pursued under UK law.